Mayasari Mayasari, Tengku Thyrhaya Zein, Tengku Silvana Sinar


This research is motivated by the application of the Systemic Functional Linguistics (LSF) framework with a focus on the ideological context contained in the text of the Malay dance drama "Mak Yong". This study uses the LSF theory pioneered by Halliday. The method in this research is qualitative using two methods, namely Basic Techniques which consist of Tapping Techniques, then the second is Advanced Techniques which consist of Listening Techniques, Recording Techniques, and Recording Techniques. The data in this research is in the form of written text in the form of 10 stories in the text of Mak Yong. The results of this research indicate that the analysis of each data above makes it clear that the Malay dance drama Mak Yong has many ideologies that are very important to apply in everyday life to avoid unwanted bad things. The Malay dance drama Mak Yong has many moral messages that should be emulated by the wider community so that good things can be emulated and vice versa for bad things to be avoided so that the desired peace of life and welfare of life can be achieved.


Systemic Functional Linguistics (LSF); Ideological Context; Text; Mak Yong

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