Batak Opera Business Revitalization in Strengthening the Creative Industry

Yulhasni Yulhasni, Edy Suprayetno, Fatimah Sari Siregar


Batak Opera time to dominate the world of entertainment in North Sumatra finally torpor after the decade of the 1980s. Many attempts were made to revive the art that was born around the 1920s. One was by HS Thompson theater workers. This artist Opera Batak start revitalization movement by holding a variety of performances Opera Batak in North Sumatra and several cities in the country in 2002, which initiated the Training Center Opera Batak (PLOT) in Siantar. For the Batak, Batak Opera is a traditional willingness entertainment is very popular in his time. Opera created Tilhang Oberlin Gultom Batak artist is inspired by the Malay theater group. But in its development, Opera Batak began to sink after the maestro Tilhang Oberlin Gultom died in 1970. Entertainment folk art ever to enter the palace at the time of President Sukarno increasingly marginalized from public attention. Dozens of opera group formed by students Tilhang, slowly falling, and the players can no longer survive then choose to return to its original habitat.This article will try to explain how the Batak Opera revitalization effort can serve as a creative industry in the middle of the swift currents sweeping modernization of the country. As the creative industries, Batak Opera course, must be maintained and packed more professional as the richness of Indonesian culture. Culture-based creative industries such as these have the power to be developed. Culture industry serves to give comfort associated with emotion, expression, and have a tendency appeal to the masses, while the creative industries can develop a basic human need that crave entertainment.


batak opera, strengthening communities, the creative industries

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