The Role of Poetry in Language Teaching

Siamir Marulafau


This writing aims to describe how poetry is applied in Language teaching . Poetry as a branch of Literature which may not be separated from language needs application to be taught for students in Universities and teachers of language as a reference for teaching as well .The writer of this scientific paper used descriptive method in library research based on the data, which was taken as a proof collected from the library itself. The writer feels sure that by using this method, the problem being discussed will be easier to solve.While the methods of teaching used in language teaching through poetry are Communicative and Discussion Method. Teaching language in English as a foreign language through poetry indicates necessity of integrating literature because of its rich authentic model of language use. The reason why the writer uses poetry as the source of teaching language is to prove literature is authentic material and to familiarize EFL teachers with the effectiveness of using poetry in EFL instruction. It is good to expose this to the learners of language in order that they know that poetry as a branch of literature has wide field of study that can be applied in language teaching. Poetry expands language development in daily life that the learners will obtain a specific knowledge in improving language competence in the four skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Keywords: applied, discussed, teaching poetry, language development, separated

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