An Analysis of Noun Phrase in the Translation Poem Me by Burton Raffel

Ratna Sari Dewi


One of the important elements in building a sentence is a noun phrase. In constructing a noun phrase, it must have at least one word that functions as a head. A noun phrase has different structure based on the modification of the head. Two types of head modification in Noun Phrase they are: pre-modification and post-modification. This article is aimed at finding out and analyzing the type of noun phrase and the dominant construction of Noun phrase based on Transformation Generative Grammar Theory introduced by Noam Chomsky. The source of the data of this study is taken from the one of the famous translation poem entitled Me written by Burton Raffel .The method of this study is qualitative design and content analysis as a type of this method. The analysis of the data is by referring to the context of syntax by using tree diagram in the theory of phrase structure rules then presenting phrase structure rules and phrase marker. Based on the analysis, this study found that there are three structural constructions of noun phrase found in the translation poem Me of Burtn Raffel and the dominant construction lies within determiner + noun construction.


Noun Phrase, Poem, Modifier

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