Building A Higher Education Quality Culture Through Regular Internal Quality Evaluations

Dedi Amrizal, Yusriati Yusriati


When a quality assurance institution is formed in a university, a quality culture is also formed. According to DIKTI, quality culture starts with quality documents. In the latest research, it was revealed that quality culture was built from the routine activities of internal quality evaluation so that it was the key to improving the quality of higher education. The purpose of this study is to 1) explain the condition of quality culture that has formed at the university; 2) prove the effectiveness of the implementation of internal quality evaluation in building a quality culture in higher education. The method used in this research is descriptive method with a case study approach. The data collection method is an interview. The results showed that universities that already have been accreditated A apparently did not guarantee that the quality culture was going well. The level of achievement of the formation of quality culture in higher education is determined by the effectiveness of the implementation of internal quality evaluation at the faculty and study program level. Conducting consistent and followed up internal quality evaluations will change the organization in the form of documents, processes and quality achievements. Other results show that university leaders do not pay greater attention to quality culture than attention to the activities and achievements of university and study programs accreditation.


quality culture, higher education, and evaluation

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