Multiple Personality Disorder of Characterization Found in the Split Movie

Diani Syahputri, Fiona Asmara


This study aims to analyze the psychological conflicts and the types of the personalities in the main character found in Split movie. As we know that the character in movie normally has expresses only one personality but in the Split Movie consists several characters that called Multiple Personality of characterization. In order to discover the problems of this study, the researcher tried to formulate the problems into two questions. (1) How is the psychological conflict of the main character expressed in Split movie, (2) What types of the personalities are found in the main character of Split movie. The method of research is qualitative research. To collect the data, the researcher applied an objective approach, and it is used by the note taking. The source of data obtained found in Split Movie script which related to the form psychological conflicts and personality types. To analysis the data used in a book Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Edition 5t. The findings showed that there were one psychological conflicts found in Spilt Movie is internal conflict and it not found External conflict, and there are two types of the personalities types are found namely; Extrovert and Introvert Human Type.


multiple personality disorder, psychological conflicts, personality type

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