Transformation of Education in Malay Language to Contribute Future Development of The Nation

Abdul Rasid Jamian, Mohd Rashid Md Idris


The concept of nation-state is a unified nation that reflects the future of a shared nation, besides forming a nation of Malaysians with unwavering loyalty and devotion to the country and nation. Therefore, strengthening the language through the education system is one of the strategies for building a nation and national identity. This is the role of the Malay language as the national language and national unity, namely the desire to foster national integration, build a sense of pride in a language that reflects common sense, identity and people's thinking of the spirit nationalism. The emphasis on achieving a nation is through the Lingua Franca of the national language and also the official language. As the main language of communication in the country's multi-ethnic society is both a tool of unity, many attempts were made to strengthen the Malay language in the education system in order to produce a generation that has a first class and world class mind set.


: Nation building; Malay empowerment; education system; national language; the unity of the people

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