Establishment Students Characters Through The Application of Local Culture at Schools

Hotma Siregar, Jurfiani Girsang


This study aims to determine the implementation of local culture in SMP N 1 Raya Kahean Kab. Simalungun through Simalungun Language and Literacy subjects in the formation of student character. This type of research is a qualitative descriptive, data collection techniques used include: observation, interviews and documentation. The analytical method used there are three stages namely data reduction, data presentation and verification. The results showed that: The implementation of Simalungun Language and Literacy learning in class IX SMP N 1 Raya Kahean was quite good, because it was considered capable of maintaining Simalungun Batak cultural values. In every learning activity it is seen that the teacher always tries to instill positive cultural values in each student. Through the Simalungun Language and Literacy subjects can also form the character of students, it is seen from the material delivered by the teacher through the Simalungun Language and Literacy subject books.


Culture, Language Learning and Simalungun Literacy, Character

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