HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) in English Reading Exercises Textbook

Imelda Darmayanti Manurung, Dwi Permata Sari


This research related to the content analysis on English text book for the tenth grade students of senior high school. The objective of the study was to analyze the content relevancy of Erlangga English textbook to the curriculum 2013 revised 2017 specifically the types and aims of reading exercises and also the ditribution of higher thinking skills in it. This is a descriptive qualitative research which applied document analysis method by Ary (2010). The data were collected from Erlangga English textbook Pathway by M. Sudarwati and Eudia Grace for Senior High School and Madrasah Aliyah Grade X, which has published in 2014. The data were analyzed by using critical thinking analysis card for cognitive domain by Bloom.The results shown that the distribution of cognitive level in essay questions was dominantly by lower order thinking skills (LOTS) than higher order thinking skills (HOTS). This is proven from 147 essay reading questions, only 6.8% categorized to HOTS and 93.1% categorized to LOTS. It means the content of Erlangga English textbook was in lower level of critical thinking.


Content analysis, English Textbook, HOTS(Higher Order Thinking Skill, LOTS (Lower Order Thinking Skills)

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